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~J-Rock Fanfiction~

~*~Give me your soul and I'll give you a story~*~

External Services:
  • deathofsoul@livejournal.com
For my daily life, go to my other LJ: butterflydemise

NOTE: I don't write Jrock yaoi much, if at all, anymore. So this journal is pratically dead. haha. Don't expect any new stories for a while.

Please note that I solely use this lj account for my Yaoi Jrock fanfiction. If you don't like Yaoi or Jrock... then what are you doing here!? O_o (j/k)


  1. Don't post hateful comments if you don't like Yaoi (or Jrock yaoi)
  2. Don't post hateful comments if you don't like the pairing
  3. I don't like critism. I already know my writing isn't the best, so no need to say anything <3

I'll add rules as I need them